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Mushroom Mugs

Mushroom Mugs


The mushroom mug! Featured on channel 4 Great Pottery Throwdown



Hand rolled slabs of stoneware clay is folded to create your mug.


made to roder mugs will have a white background and take about 3-4 weeks 

decorated with 24 carat gold lustre detail





Hand painted mushrooms are painted onto the mug and then left to dry before firing twice. The mug has a clear gloss glaze over. Fired to 1225 degrees C.

24 carat gold lustre is then applied to the exterior and refired.

Holds approx 350mls

Approx 9.5 in height

No microwave due to metallic element.

Can be used in dishwasher but gold may become matt over time.


Handmade mugs are unique and you will receive a similar one to the photos. Handmade means they are not traditionally perfect but each will likely have a quirk that makes it special in its own way.

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